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Soul Knight Download 2 Mods v2.6.6

Soul Knight Download 2 Mods v2.6.6

"In a period of weapon and sword, the otherworldly stone that keeps up the equalization of the world is taken by cutting edge outsiders. The world is holding tight a dainty string. Everything relies upon you recovering the mysterious stone… "

Soul Knight Download 2 Mods v2.6.6

We genuinely can't keep dreaming up everything. Allows simply shoot some outsider followers!

This is the game you have constantly needed in your inner mind. Investigate the cell, gather insane weapons, evade shots and shoot'em all up! Incredibly simple and instinctive control; very smooth and charming ongoing interaction, blended in with rebel like components. Best shooter game you will discover on the versatile store up until now.

Highlights Soul Knight :

* Unique legends, with one of a kind capacity.

* 170+ weapons sitting tight for you to investigate.

* Randomly created prison world, new experience inevitably.

* NPCs that really matter! They will battle close by!

* Auto-point system for too instinctive control.

* Many more highlights that you will discover in game.

Tail Us

Twitter: @ChillyRoom

Facebook: @chillyroomsoulknight

Soul Knight Download 2 Mods v2.6.6


* To utilize the screen recording capacity, authorization to keep in touch with outer capacity is required.

On account of:

Matthias Bettin, for introductory of German restriction.

Numa Crozier, for French revisions.

Jun-sik Yang(ladoxy) for Korean revisions

Iván Escalante, for Spanish revisions.

Oliver Twist, for introductory of Russian restriction.

Почеревин Евгений, Алексей С. furthermore, Турусбеков Алихан for extra Russian restriction.

Tomasz Bembenik, for introductory Polish restriction.


*Easter is finished!

*Added vouchers for weapon connections! They are accessible at Trader's in Workshop.

*Added another manager weapon – Golden Cudgel.

*Improved expertise impacts and presence of certain skins.

*Dev room is back!

*Fixed a progression of bugs, including the one of Vampire's underlying weapon.

Soul Knight MOD APK

Mod: 1

Free buys for genuine cash

Mod: 2

Free buys for genuine cash

Unlimited precious stones;

Handicapped advertisements;

You can pick any pet;

Opened all spots for planting plants;

1000 coins in the wake of stacking (you have to begin another game, spare it and burden into it);

Boundless vitality;

Expel expertise reload;


Invulnerability to impacts (fire, ice, gas, traps);

Moronic bots;

Open all weapon diagrams for the Blacksmith's Table;

Open all drawings in the robot production line;

Get 1000 materials (without drawings!);

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